Innovation Grants

Funding Innovative & Creative Projects

The CEF Innovation Grant program was initiated in 2016 with the goal of funding innovative, creative projects that enrich student learning experiences and support the district’s mission of developing each child intellectually, artistically, emotionally, physically, and socially so that all students are lifelong learners. Grants are awarded to teachers, programs, and students around the district for creative innovative education projects.

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Innovation Grants 2022-2023
  • Heritage Project – Students display their family heritage at a school wide event (El Granada)
  • After-School Art & Science Enrichment – Enrichment program for at-promise and English-Language Learner (ELL) students (Farallone View)
  • Expanded Learning Outside the Classroom – Educational excursions to Academy of Sciences, UC Elkus Ranch, and a Ferry Boat Tour of San Francisco (Hatch)
  • Rhythm Exercises for Readers – BrainBeat Conquer interactive devices to improve student reading level (Kings Mountain Elementary)
  • Student Murals at Cunha – Student created and painted campus murals (Cunha Intermediate)
  • AVID Field Trip – AVID Students visited Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, UCLA, Loyola Marymount University, and the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (Half Moon Bay HS)
  • Digital Art & Design – Student designed T-shirts and observed the screen printing process at Black Stamp Studios (Half Moon Bay HS)
  • Math Dept Camera – Camera for students to document projects and achievements (Half Moon Bay HS)
  • Graphing Calculators – Ti-84 graphing calculators for classroom use (Half Moon Bay HS)
  • 5th Grade Science – Supplements the 5th grade Science curriculum (District Wide)
Innovation Grants 2021-2022
  • Educational Games – Snap Circuit sets and Yahtzee games (El Granada)
  • Creativity 360: An Arts Integration – An after school program with art and movement to promote language learning (Hatch)
  • Student Geared Learning Environment – Self-select learning materials for the classroom (Hatch)
  • Library Modernization – New library books to modernize and diversify the current collection (Kings Mountain Elementary)
  • Coding and Robotics with Hummingbird Kits – Programming kits for coding in multiple programming languages (Cunha Intermediate)
  • Agricultural Science at Cunha – Greenhouse, composting bins, and gardening supplies (Cunha Intermediate)
  • Digital Art & Design – Student designed T-shirts and screen printing through local Black Stamp Studios (Half Moon Bay HS)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Activities – Laminator to create indoor/outdoor signs for circuit training (Half Moon Bay HS)
  • Graphing Calculators – Ti-84 graphing calculators for classroom use (Half Moon Bay HS)
  • Real Life Learning – Service Jam supplies to promote community service program (Half Moon Bay HS)
  • Python Fundamentals – Online curriculum of Python Fundamental coding (Half Moon Bay HS)
  • PE Technology – Large digital timer to be used for running events and CA State fitness testing (Half Moon Bay HS)
  • 5th Grade Science – Supplementals for 5th grade science curriculum (District Wide)


Innovation Grants 2020-2021
  • Flocabulary – Online educational resource across multiple subject areas (Cunha Intermediate)
  • Lights for Virtual Learning – Lighting equipment for remote learning presentations (Cunha Intermediate)
  • Art at Home – Art supplies for students to use during remote learning (El Granada)
  • Elementary Science Kits – Grade specific supplies for home use during remote learning (Farallone View)
  • Mystery Science – Self-paced online science program for grades K-5 (Farallone View)
  • Graphing Calculators – TI-84 calculators for student use during remote learning (Half Moon Bay HS)
  • Headphones for Students – Audio equipment for students use during remote learning (Half Moon Bay HS)
  • Train the Trainer – Equipment and online programming for teacher professional development (Half Moon Bay HS)
  • Develop Dexterity – Styluses and tablets to simulate pencil and paper during remote learning (Kings Mountain)
  • Empowering Health & Fitness – Heart rate monitors with Interactive Health Technology (District Wide – Special Education)
  • 5th Grade Science – Science supplies and an online science program, Screencastify (District Wide)
  • 4th Grade Junior Land Stewards – Hands-on activities led by remote presenters (District Wide – Coastside Land Trust)
Innovation Grants 2019-2020
  • Whisker’s Tool Kit – Tools for emotional regulation (Farrallone View Elementary)
  • Book Vending Machine – Providing students with books for tokens (Farallone View Elementary)
  • Family Learning Nights – Unique family engagement programs (Farallone View Elementary)
  • Inspire Environmental Stewardship – Whole school beach clean-up (Kings Mountain Elementary)
  • Digital Art – Technology and equipment (Half Moon Bay HS)
  • 5th Grade Science – Science materials and projects (District Wide Elementary)
  • Junior Land Stewards – Scientific inquiry learning – 4th graders (District Wide – Coastside Land Trust)
Innovations Grants 2018-2019
  • Magical Journey to HMB Library – all grades field trip to new library facility  (Farallone View Elementary)
  • Boosting Literacy with Books – Book Fair support with gift cards  (Farallone View Elementary)
  • Swimming Lessons for non swimmers – 5th Grade  (Hatch Elementary)
  • iPerspectives on PBIS – iPads for students to film positive, acceptable behavior  (Kings Mountain Elementary)
  • Cunha Bike Club – develop mechanical and leadership skills by fixing bikes  (Cunha Intermediate)
  • Drama in the Classroom – costumes and wardrobe for Speech class (Half Moon Bay HS)
  • Digital Drawing & Painting – computers to use for digital artwork  (Half Moon Bay HS)
  • Criado Belonging & Sharing Cuentos – mentorship on field trip peer helpers support  (Half Moon Bay HS)
  • HMB Library Display Case – Geology / Biology Display Case  (Half Moon Bay HS)
  • 5th Grade Science Projects (District Wide)
Innovations Grants 2017-2018
  • Family Learning Series – Literacy Nights at FV & Moonridge  (Farallone View Elementary)
  • Ozobot Coding – 3rd/4th grade coding of Ozobots  (Hatch Elementary)
  • Swimming Lessons for non swimmers – 5th grade  (Hatch Elementary)
  • Programming Python – Alexa Skills programing of Amazon Echo  (Cunha Intermediate)
  • Muse Anthology – Collections from the writing club  (Half Moon Bay HS)
  • Ready4K – Reading Literacy engagement events for PreK  (District Wide – Half Moon Bay Library)
Innovations Grants 2016-2017
  • Gems, Rocks, Insects – Classroom Presentation & Workshop  (El Granada Elementary)
  • Coding with Ozobots – 4th graders learn coding  (Farallone View Elementary)
  • Reimagining Math – 4th Grade Math games  (Farallone View Elementary)
  • Drum Fit – music & movement boost brain connections and alleviate stress  (Half Moon Bay HS)
  • Muse Anthology – Collections from the writing club  (Half Moon Bay HS)
  • Geometry in Construction – Building sheds and benches  (Half Moon Bay HS)
  • Farm to Desk: Food Science Friday – Science discovery in agriculture  (Pilarcitos High School)

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