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2023-2024 Faculty Innovation Grants

Cabrillo Education Foundation (CEF) is providing Grant Funding to CUSD Faculty designed to support innovative ways of remote teaching and distance learning. This year, there are 10 grants available for $1000 each.


To fund either a new approach to or improvement of a current process/program to increase student success along the continuum of early learning from Kindergarten through College and Career Readiness. Faculty proposals may include curriculum transitions and enhancement, professional development and/or learning communities, programs that target more equitable outcomes for socio- economically disadvantaged students, teacher collaboration on a project or coordination with an outside organization and pilot projects supporting goals that are aligned between CEF and CUSD.

Application deadline is Friday, October 13, 2022.

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What this program is for:

  • Bring new, innovative “Out of the Box” thinking.
  • Creation of a new program that is “Above & Beyond” a typical classroom experience.
  • Revision/Addition of existing programs or processes to leverage student success.
  • Teacher/Staff sponsorship for a student’s innovation.
  • Project resourceful or new to CUSD or the HMB community.
  • Project goes above and beyond the typical classroom experience.

Cabrillo Education Foundation will provide 10 innovation grants each worth $1,000.


Grant funds will be provided for the 2021-22 school year and will be available until May 31, 2022. Grantee will notify CEF if the funds will not be utilized for the original grant description and request approval from CEF before making changes.

Selection Process

The Cabrillo Education Foundation funds the CEF Faculty Innovation Grants Initiative program. Principals at each site will screen applications and give approval prior to CEF reviewing for final grant decision.

The Cabrillo Education Foundation’s Board of Directors will serve as the Review Committee. They set funding guidelines, review submitted proposals, and make final award decisions. The CEF Executive Director facilitates the selection process. Application deadline is Friday October 1, 2021.


Contact Stephanie Izzarelli, CEF Board Director, for more information.

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