March 7, 2017
   Supporting Innovation In Education 

Farallone View teacher, Leah Murray, felt inspired to give her 4th grade students a unique opportunity to explore computer science. Through a $1,000 Innovation Grant from CEF she purchased a set of Ozobots for her classroom; the learning that ensued was greater than she ever imagined.


            CEF innovation grants


Ozobots are miniature robots that respond to colors and patterns drawn by the students on paper, allowing them to develop the concept of coding even before getting to a computer. Leah found that her students jumped right in and started exploring, building and collaborating right away. When she invited me to visit the classroom, every single student’s engagement and sense of pride was apparent. Students not only were writing code to solve problems Leah put up on the board but they were using the Ozobots to activate wacky machines they built together. 


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This is one example of how CEF is working hard to support all the students and teachers in the Cabrillo Unified School District. The next round of Innovation Grant proposals are due April 1st and we still have 11 left to award this year. Cabrillo Education Foundation (CEF) is awarding $1,000 Faculty/Student Innovation Grants designed to inspire out-of-the-box approaches to student success. 


    Chamber Teacher Supplies Party!     


     CEF had the honor of giving out the first $100 bill!


          Jackson and Pauline Shue


Pauline Shue from El Granada Elementary School got the cash this time, but we want to grant $1,000 to more please share this link to our Innovation Grants with all CUSD teachers and parents to apply by April 1st.



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CEF at Cetrella

We enjoyed our recent visit at Cetrella and appreciate your ongoing commitment to student growth and success on the Coastside!!


Hot off the press, here's our new Annual Report Card.


CEF enjoyed our booth at the Farmer's Market in August.


We were at the Big Liftbooth at New Leaf Market's annual Heathy Kids Faire in September.


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