December 31, 2015
Top 5 Reasons I Give to CEF
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From John Ediger, CEF Director

At this time each year, when deciding what tax-deductible gifts to make to try to make the biggest difference in the world, the Cabrillo Education Foundation is always one of the top choices for me. There are so many great causes, both globally and locally, to which I can give.

Here are five reasons CEF is on top of that list for me:

1. CEF literally changes lives for the better. Quality education is paramount for so many reasons. We know that the better a child’s education is the better off he or she will be throughout life, financially and in myriad other ways. Because of CEF programs and school improvements, I have literally seen lives changed.

Earlier this year, I sat in a newly funded Computer Science section at Cunha Intermediate School. I saw a boy who had struggled with school for years, motivationally and academically, thrive while enthusiastically creating software. He was motivated to spend extra time at home to learn and create.

CEF is also embarking on an effort to dramatically improve reading levels. We know this will also change lives. Students spend their first few years learning to read and then spend the rest of their lives reading to learn. CEF has been funding college and career readiness programs that will enable more students to successfully complete college. CEF is changing lives.

2. CEF is partnering with other foundations and community groups to create greater leverage for every dollar it allocates. Giving a dollar to CEF equates to many more dollars worth of improvements being applied to all students. Through collaborative partnerships, CEF is able to make a much larger impact on our community.

3. The third reason I give to CEF is because, as good as our schools are on the coast, they are woefully underfunded and the reading levels and science proficiency levels are way below what they should be. CEF is helping to change that by growing this endowment and allocating the funds strategically in an outcome-based manner to drive continuous improvement

4. CEF enables a sustainable funding source that keeps growing. With the endowment model, we can sustain annual funding while also adding new programs, rather than just raising money each year to only keep what we have or to simply make up for state funding cuts. The CEF endowment allows us to get ahead.

5. CEF is a catalyst for change. CEF works with the district to provide seed capital and to help prompt new programs and change. This was done with science specialists, with computer science courses, with GATE, with state-of-the-art science lab equipment, with teacher development, teacher collaboration, and more.

When I tried to narrow down the top reasons I donate to CEF each year, I struggled to keep the list below 10. Every once in a while a community comes up with a program or model which is truly a game-changer and that truly becomes a breakthrough in improving lives. The Coastside is one of those communities, and the CEF endowment is one of those models. I hope you join me in making annual donations to this vital cause. Please join this effort by donating at any level at


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