September 3, 2014

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John Ediger, CEF Vice President of Endowment Growth

"We get an ever increasing sustainable funding source which allows us to fund new programs or sustain key programs without having to start from scratch each year."


From John Ediger

Why the CEF Endowment is Critical

We all know that high quality public education is critical to our future. We need top quality schools for our future voters, leaders, workers, scientists, teachers, and business creators. This is a daunting local challenge given that California public school per-pupil funding is 48th in the nation. The stark reality is that quality public schools now depend upon communities to donate additional money.

But fundraising each year just to make up for perennial state cuts does not get us higher quality and continuously improving schools. That simply keeps programs from being reduced or eliminated. Once traditional fundraising achieve target amounts and successfully manage to keep programs alive, they have to start over each subsequent year to do the same.

The CEF Endowment Fund is a game changing model. We all pitch in every year to grow a larger and larger fund which is invested conservatively. Each year, 6% is allocated based on strategic improvement goals. The larger the endowment principle grows, the bigger the annual allocations are. We get an ever increasing sustainable funding source which allows us to fund new programs or sustain key programs without having to start from scratch each year.

The most successful public school communities in the state have adopted endowment funds and have been thriving despite identical state challenges. We are becoming one of those highly successful communities. Thanks to all of your annual donations, our community endowment is enabling breakthrough improvements and turning our very good schools into gradually becoming among the best in the nation

New Science Equipment Brings Excitement to HMBHS

"The materials that CEF provided are integral pieces to learning experiences chemistry students experience at Half Moon Bay High School. It really helps our department and students stand out compared to other chemistry programs."

-Mike Davis, Half Moon Bay High School Chemistry Teacher

PastedGraphic-3 copyStudents process data with new, state-of-the-art science equipment funded with a $20,000 CEF grant

Science got more interesting this year at Half Moon Bay High School with CEF’s $20,000 investment in new lab equipment. AP Environmental Science, Marine Ecology, Biology and Physics students used the new equipment on at least a weekly basis, and all 900 science students benefited from at least one new lab.

According to science teacher Joseph Centoni, "Because of the ease of use and variety of factors we can measure as well as the new analytical abilities, this lab equipment is completely changing our science course curricula. It allows for more student inquiry in their lab activities and more data collection with more time freed up for analysis of results."

Students seem to be loving it, too, with over 50% choosing to use the new equipment to complete their student-driven final projects at the end of the school year. Said John Sorfleet, AP Environmental Studies, "The data loggers took the guesswork out of science. Tests that would ordinarily take hours were done in seconds. The data loggers expanded the amount of experimentation we were able to do."

Added Mr. Davis, "Students love the new technology and enjoy learning from it. It made the unit on weather incredible. Students were able to use data they collected using the probeware to make real weather predictions!"

Stay tuned for more interesting labs. Next year, CEF will be investing another $6,000 in science equipment for Half Moon Bay High School.

2014/2015 CEF-Funded Programs

4th/5th grade science specialists - Cunha & high school science professional development - high school science equipment/labs - K/1 summer bridge program - high school teacher collaboration - 5th grade instrumental music - high school animation elective - Cunha and Pilarcitos field trips - GATE program - elementary informational literacy (nonfiction books) - Columbia Teachers College elementary literacy professional development (2013/2014 program)

Thanks to YOU, our generous donors, we are making these programs possible for our Coastside students. TOGETHER we are breaking through barriers to make an even bigger impact. We count on your donations to continue the great work we are doing. Please donate today. 

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