August 2014
cernak family
Keith Cernak, CEF Executive Director, with his daughters
"Whether you have a child in the school district or not, by our creating opportunities for student success today we are changing our own futures as well."
From CEF's Executive Director
My name is Keith Cernak and I am the new Executive Director for the Cabrillo Education Foundation (CEF). I have led non-profits for over twenty years in the areas of education, health, social services and partnership team building. I have created some of the most highly successful and awarded efforts which I have presented both nationally and around the world.
I am especially grateful to be at CEF. Today's CUSD students are our future community and world change agents. They will prevent hunger...eradicate disease...eliminate poverty if they are given the educational supports to do so. Whether you have a child in the school district or not, by our creating opportunities for student success today we are changing our own futures as well.
Education is transformative and the students of today will transform the world. They will be critical, breakthrough thinkers to redesign agriculture i.e. what we eat and how we grow and it, medicine and the elimination of disease and create technologies for communication and transportation that we can’t even imagine yet.
We want all our students to have opportunities to be on the teams which will create these future "Breakthroughs". Therefore we need to ensure all students have the potential to be these change agents. We need to be providing the opportunities for innovation through science and new technologies which are literally being developed "over the hill" from our community which our students can partner with and leverage their futures from.
It also means that we recognize that all students do not start at the same level nor proceed at the same pace forward. However each and every student has the opportunity to learn and improve our world and participate in creating the future that will benefit us all. For student "Breakthrough Thinking" to occur it also means we "Breakthrough The Barriers" that prevent this. This is my, and CEF's, commitment as we move forward.
Keith Cernak
summer bridge
1st graders practice reading skills at El Granada Elementary School's Summer Bridge Program
"Students read daily in class and were highly engaged."
Principal Debbie Silveria
CEF Funds K-1 Summer Bridge Program
The summer between Kindergarten and 1st grade can be critical for students who are just learning to read, write and solve math problems. As summer progresses, skills can slip and students struggle to catch up when school starts. This summer, CEF funded the K-1 Summer Bridge Program for the Cabrillo Unified School District, which helped 55 at-risk students prevent summer learning loss and prepare them for success.
According to Debbie Silveria, Summer Intervention Program Principal, "CEF funded three K/1 Bridge classrooms providing effective intervention and scaffolding for reading and math, which will help at-risk students have a successful first grade experience. Learning sight words provides students transferrable knowledge to build reading fluency. In addition Smartboard interaction and computational practice is invaluable support to strengthen number sense and math skills."
Students also participated in the Half Moon Bay Library’s Summer Reading Program. Silveria added, "Students read daily in class and were highly engaged."
Over one half of our students are not reading at grade by the end of third grade. From Kindergarten to third grade children learn to read. From third grade on they must be able to read to learn.
Thanks to CEF support and donations, our youngest students can 'Breakthrough Barriers' to face a bright new future of learning and growth.
A Word of Thanks from CEF
Thanks to all our annual donors for making all these great programs possible. We are just scratching the surface as to what this endowment will do on an ongoing basis. We have so many more requests for programs than we are able to fund with the endowment, but with your continued annual donations, we will make an even bigger difference to the lives of all our Coastside students NOW and in the future.
2014/2015 CEF-Funded Programs
4th/5th grade science specialists – Cunha & high school science professional development – high school science labs – K/1 summer bridge program – high school teacher collaboration – 5th grade instrumental music – high school animation elective – Cunha and Pilarcitos field trips – GATE program– elementary informational literacy (nonfiction books) – Columbia Teachers College elementary literacy professional development
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