MAY 2014
From CEF President Deb Hedger
Welcome to the first issue of the newsletter, The CEF Current, designed to be an informative source about how the CEF is enhancing educational excellence in our local public schools. We will send you current information on CEF's growth, distributions, and ongoing projects. On behalf of the entire board of directors, thank you for helping us make the CEF the education endowment foundation we all want it to be - one that is vital, growing and already enhancing the educational experience of students who will one day serve the people of our community and the world.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Your CEF Board of Directors
(l to r): Kirk Riemer, Liz Murphy, Tom O'Brien, Val Dubois, John Ediger, Amy Risk, Keith Cernak, Deb Hedger, Teresa McWhirt, David Casentini (not pictured: Mario Vazquez, Chris Dobbrow, Mike Alifano, Heather Stambaugh, Jill Ballard)
CEF Welcomes New Executive Director
Keith Cernak has joined the CEF Board of Directors. Keith is a national award-winning leader who for decades has created social and financial partnerships on behalf of community-based organizations. We are thrilled with the experience and talent that Keith brings to CEF and look forward to continued transformation and growth with Keith at the helm.
The Kings Mountain science program is alive and well thanks to the ongoing generosity of CEF donors. Donned in the requisite safety goggles, 4th and 5th graders perform acid & base indicators, determining which substances make phenol red change colors. The students tested several mixtures and documented the results. At the conclusion, Joan McIntyre, Science Specialist, engaged in discussions with the class about the resulting data. CEF provides funding for 4th and 5th grade science instruction at all CUSD elementary schools.
science crop 02
Through partnerships between CEF, CUSD and the Friends of Cougars in Concert, more than 150 5th grade students from the four public elementary schools are learning to play the flute, clarinet, trumpet and trombone. Here, 5th grade students, along with musicians from Cunha Intermediate School, entertain fans at the Half Moon Bay Little League Opening Ceremonies with excellent renditions of The Star Spangled Banner and Take Me Out to the Ball Game (photo courtesy of Photography4Good).
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